AFUE Cost Analysis

Have your energy bills skyrocketed over the last few years? It may be time to invest in a more efficient way to heat your home. As you try and decide on a new furnace, it’s important to look at a unit’s Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). At Sharon’s Heating and Cooling, our experts are committed to helping our customers understand what an AFUE rating is and how it applies to their future purchasing decisions.

What is an AFUE Rating?

A furnace’s AFUE rating is expressed as a percentage. This measure indicates the proficiency of a furnace or boiler in utilizing its heating fuel, including natural gas, propane, or oil. To compute the AFUE rating of a specific furnace unit, the total heat output is divided by the unit's overall energy input.

Energy usage is based on both the size of your current furnace (your BTU input), and the level of efficiency. For the below chart, examples are based on an average home size of 1600 square feet, with a BTU input of 80,000.

New models provided by Sharon’s have energy efficiency ratings of up to 96%, giving you a huge advantage in energy efficiency! See comparisons here (savings are calculated on maximum efficiency for given age and condition):

Age of Furnace Average Efficiency Average Annual Fuel Cost Estimated Annual Fuel Savings 96% Efficiency
30 Years 65% $2,100 $650
20 Years 70-80% $1,900 $435
0-10 Years 80-90% $1,700 $250

Unlock Energy Savings

Replacing an old unit with a new, highly efficient unit will pay for itself in energy savings, helping to protect your wallet and save you money on your next bill. At Sharon’s Heating and Cooling, we’re certified to install and repair HVAC systems in both residential and commercial areas. Our certified technicians also work with all the best brands, allowing us to utilize the warranties you have on your systems to continue to save your budget.

Save money and promote efficiency with a new, top-quality furnace from Sharon’s Heating and Cooling. To learn more about AFUE cost analysis, contact our experts today! We are happy to answer any questions you may have!